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The characters of the heroes in the Suikoden are full of chivalry. Iizawa and Tamabayashi report that the custom of tattooing is also found among samurai warriors in the sixteenth century. The Asian Cultural Council generously provided me with a fellowship, not to interview more tattooed yakuza but to study traditional Japanese music and theater, a necessity for the creation of the musical. The Ryukyu tattooing symbolized religious beliefs, sexual maturity, indication of marriage, body adornment, distinction of sex, and tribal customs. Peasants and artisans were a higher status than merchants, because they contributed to the country as producers.

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These masterpieces date from the 14th century and are, actually, one of the oldest forms of what we might call musical theater; they artfully and seamlessly combine speech, song, and dance.

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The clients were mostly samurai , but they were gradually replaced by townspeople Nishiyama, Yobori means the Western style of tattoos. Their tattoos were completed by the time they reached marriageable age. They usually took a public bath. The purpose of the pledge letter was to get a few drops of blood from both the man and the woman Seigle, The first principles, the Five Articles Oath, had been already enunciated in April, My question is whether the purpose of theJapanese tattoo is to hide the naked body because nudity is embarrassing.

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