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The navel is the area located at the lower part of the torso and is what remains after the umbilical cord is cut, right after birth. Traditional Chinese medicine TCM believes that the navel umbilicus or belly button plays a significant role in the treatment of patients. The herb in its dried state is called moxa and can either be rolled into balls and cones or bought commercially in very short or long rolls. The navel is densely populated by blood vessels and considered to be an alternative place to administer medications to a patient because its absorption rate is higher than that of the stomach. Moxibustion applied to the naval has been a popular treatment method since ancient times in China.

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Once you have measured your waist and filled in your details you can check your results against the chart. Moxa was used together with acupuncture.

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Please note that your are leaving the website to access an external webpage. This method, however, is considered dangerous in many Western countries, and is thus hardly practiced. Are South Asians overweight? It can also generally be used to promote healing and retain health. South Asians may not appear to be as overweight as other ethnic groups. Many TCM practitioners and their patient report positive results.

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