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In order for the hijab to be a cover, it must not be made of transparent material making the woman covered only by name, while in reality she is naked. The hijab must not be transparent The purpose of wearing hijab must be achieved. Between and B. Archived from the original on June 24, Part of a series on. It is not clear whether the Hebrew Bible contains prescriptions with regard to veiling, but rabbinic literature presents it as a question of modesty tzniut.

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So you can't make one girl, your own daughter, wear it, and yet you want me to go and make ten million women wear it? The fact that a woman in hijab can conceal so much is a matter of real concern to security officials, especially lately, as the number of attacks by female suicide bombers in Iraq has grown.

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This modesty was not only demonstrated by their chosen way of dress but also by their serious demeanor which worked to show their dedication to modesty and Islamic beliefs. Successful informal coercion of women by sectors of society to wear hijab has been reported in Gaza where Mujama' al-Islami, the predecessor of Hamas , reportedly used "a mixture of consent and coercion" to " 'restore' hijab" on urban educated women in Gaza in the late s and s. Some scholars say it is permissible to uncover the face and the hands of the woman as long as there is no fitna infatuation caused by this action. Many people, both men and women from backgrounds of both Islamic and non-Islamic faith questioned the hijab and what it stood for in terms of women and their rights. There is archeological evidence suggesting that early Christian women in Rome covered their heads.

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